Thanks for a great chat on November 24th. Highlights from meeting:
1)    Irene thought that the chart on page 46 & 47 would be an area that she could start working on with her JK/SK. The team agreed that consistent/common language and expectation throughout the school is beneficial.
2)    Pete talked about the chart on page 61 – The Steps and Stages of Inquiry. He has been using this model in his classroom and photocopied the pages to remind him of the process.
3)    Check out the [ ] website for more information on project based learning.
4)    A template is attached to assist you in planning a lesson.
5)    Danielle will investigate the possibility of ordering the book “The Conversation Club by Diane Stanley. It is out of print but can be purchased on eBay.
Thanks Pete for facilitating the discussion. Our next meeting is December 15th at 2:20 on chapter 5 & 6, with Danielle as facilitator. Thanks

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10/17/2016 10:04am

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