So...we did not meet on February 29th because of a snow/ice day. Please note, I hope we can meet in March and I'm recommending that we read chapter 9. Our next meeting will cover both chapter 8 & chapter 9. I will contact you as soon as possible with a date!

Guiding questions for chapter 9:

1. What possibilities do you see for your own school or board in the “small-group model adapted for curricular inquiry?”
2. Select one of the small-group inquiry stories to discuss in depth.
3. Compare and contrast“content”and“process”learning.
4. Students’ academic work improves when teachers and students set expectations. What are the benefits of the chart—“Develop Group Ground Rules”—like the one Mary developed?
5. What are some of the potential forms students might use to take their learning “public?”

Identify one chunk of curriculum that is coming up in your teaching and make plans to teach it inquiry-circle style. Use the lessons in Chapter 7 as well as the classroom accounts in this chapter to support your planning and work with kids. What works? What is difficult? What are the kids saying and doing that’s different from everyday work? If possible, visit each others’ classrooms to observe and chat. Report back to the study group, bringing stories, samples of kids’ work, or classroom videos to share.
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Please note, I will come in and take pictures or videos of your lesson. Let me know how I can help! Hope to see you in March.